Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight: The Undercards

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online this coming June 9th 2012. Live From MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas Nevada. Setting aside the main course of this event, let us know and met the people behind the term, “undercard”. The undercard fights are the fights specifically categorized with different levels, showcased before the main fight. These are the fight comprises usually of three to four pairs, each players are entitled to brag the belt on stake.

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley fight live online and meet these undercards independently. Let us discuss these undercard fight one by one starting with:

Mike Jones  vs. Randall Bailey

At the age of 29 Mike Jones (who?) is approaching the “Past his prime” status in boxing and is definitely looking to make a name for himself before it is too late. Still bringing his undefeated record, he will be looking to finish this fight and possibly look to headline an upcoming card with a decisive victory.
Bailey, 37, is the embodiment of a one shot wonder. That shot being his right hand. It’s simple, if he lands his right hand flush, Jones (or anyone else for that matter) is going down. That being said, the odds of him landing flush on a fighter like Jones who if well aware of his power right. At the end of the day, Bailey is a one trick pony in his power right, this is Jones’s fight to lose.

Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Teon Kennedy

Unfortunately, this fight has the makings of a sleeper. Rigondeaux, who is arguably one of the greatest amateur fighter of all time is stepping into the ring as a pro for just the 10th time. That being said, he either shows up or doesn’t, and if he doesn’t, one can only look forward to this fight as one to hit the toilet in order to not miss some of the more entertaining bouts on the card. Rigondeaux to win by scoring points and making us all pass out.

Jorge Arce vs Jesus Rojas

If Jorge Arce has a say in the outcome on June 9th, this fight will be just as entertaining as his bout against Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. on the Pacquiao-Mosley PPV. The guy is a flat out brawler who brings the action. At 32, he does not have much upside so his success is solely dependent on his ability to bring the pain and get the crowd wanting for more. This has classic written all over it if both fighters show up.
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