Saturday, June 9, 2012

Timothy Bradley Jr: Pacquiao vs Bradley’s Shocking Result

Coming into tonight's HBO pay-per-view bout between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, I had predicted Bradley would take the upset decision. However, I didn't see it going down like it did.
Manny Pacquiao seemed to dominate the fight against Timothy Bradley from the opening round. While there were a few (3-4) rounds that seemed like the could be scored for Bradley, it seemed impossible by the time the final bell had sounded that Tim had done nearly enough to take a decision, but that's exactly what happened.

Pacquiao's key punch the entire fight was the hard straight left hand and his powerful blows were certainly more telling than Bradley's much lighter shots. Beyond the quality and power of the shots landed, Pacquiao dominated in terms of actual punches landed and accuracy.
While Bradley was more than willing to exchange and get into ill-advised firefights, the fight appeared to clearly not be going his way.

However, when the official scorecards were read, after the first 115-114, Michael Buffer said "Pacquiao" which meant we had a split decision. The next card was 115-114 for Bradley. Despite all certainty that the final card would see Manny's hand raised, Buffer once again said Bradley, giving Tim the split decision win.
It's a shocking result and one that makes very little sense given Manny's status as the "money fighter" in the bout. Normally the robberies go to the guy whose win brings in more money for the promoters, but that wasn't what happened tonight. Manny Pacquiao is a worldwide star while Bradley is a lighter hitting, mostly unknown fighter who isn't really even a welterweight.

We'll have much more on the shocking result of this fight over the coming hours and days. So keep your browser locked in.

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Live Streaming

The countdown is fast reaching the zero point which definitely means the fight of the century is already here. Watch Pacquiao vsBradley Live Online and be mesmerized with the astonishing, outstanding and unbelievable stunts, throws of punches and tactics that you have never seen before. Billions of viewers around the globe is for sure now on the adventure looking any links and live streaming feed for the most anticipated and awaited Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight. Witness the clash of gigantic forces from the WBO World Welterweight Champion, Manny Pacman Pacquiao and the Undefeated Lightweight champion Timothy Bradley Jr. Get ready for the rumble. Let the battle begin.

“The perfect storm” as what they call it is almost ready to entertain and bring another breathtaking scenes right on your screens. Shout, screaming and cheering are now overflowed in the whole boxing world. Aiming to lift up more of the confidence boost each of it and do the full heart and untiring support to their idol; Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live because for sure you will regret and have a painful week if you miss to watch this epical and surely unforgettable fight of the month, June 9, 2012 few hours from now and were about to witness this gigantic event. Keep your eyes open and don’t let your others tell you wrong information regarding the fight.

Be happy because this blog is happy to inform you that it will provide the live streaming link that you wished to have a while ago. Just keep in touch, be updated and bookmark this site. Remember the time, date and this blog site for you to watch the live streaming of Pacquiao vs Bradley. I am sure you are now all eager to watch. Don’t worry because the answer is just a couple of clicks away.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Watch this June 9, live stream for Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

 Brief and very informative! This is the most wanted script and discussion about Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight. Concentrating to the main topic, almost half of the world population is now aware of this upcoming battle in Las Vegas Navada. Social networks and media on Television worldwide are now broadcasting the time to time updates about this. Covering and telling the sport-minded earthlings about the activities of their fighter on bet is now trending and media first priority. This simply means how well-known our fighters on stake: Manny Pacman Pacquiao’s home country Philippines which considers his fight as their personal vice and an absolute obsession where the whole country stop in its regular turning for a while just to watch and support the fight of their boxing king, Pacman. Timothy Desert Storm Bradley’s State and whole country of America which will be the venue and also one of the biggest countries in the world with huge population of boxing-fanatic is now making their own noise to led the way.

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online for the face-off of these two boxers is the most awaited to happen this month of June. You must to catch it and watch it because you might loss a half of your life if you miss this kind of epical and historical thread in boxing world. Which fighter will win and pronounced as the WBO World Welterweight Champion? Would it be the defending winner or we shall welcome the new title holder?
All of the thoughts as of now are rooting for Pacquiao to end the fight with another knockout premise. Hold your breath and be ready because we are very close now to the airing date of the live stream for Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Streaming

The most awaited fight of the year is just a couple of days away. Catch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight online and be ready for the new era of brightest boxing stars to clash inside the ring. Keep your eyes open as the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada opened their gate for live viewers, supporters, families and to all fighters that will complete the cast for the Saturday’s best shot, the Perfect Storm produced by the back to back fighting spar of the two brightest boxing starts of their era; Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Desert Storm Bradley Jr. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online this coming June 9, 2012 Saturday evening 9 pm in Eastern Time and 6 pm in Pacific Time. Mark your calendars and add it to your remember-notes.

Stirring the whole plot of the boxing sceneries, fans and daily followers of Pacquiao vs Bradley fight are getting bigger and stronger. Spoilers and minute to minute updates are scanned, spread and uttered every now and then. The daily servings of this updates make sure that all of their predictions and outlooks for the result of the fight might be the outcome. Which side are you now? Are you with the defending champion, Manny Pacquiao or to the undefeated challenger, Timothy Bradley Jr.?

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley live Streaming for this is a fight that is worth watching. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watch Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Fight

Watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley Online – Well, well, well… I guess the upcoming boxing event Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight is already fast approaching and you are excited to watch it! I know that you are ready to witness it but are Pacquiao and Bradley ready for their exchange of blows this coming June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States? I think they are and even the Boxing promoter Bob Arum also said in Manila Bulletin, “Pacquiao and Bradley are almost ready to go.” I can’t already wait to see these two boxing professionals clash in the boxing ring.

By the way, I have something to share with you about Manny and Timothy. Last week, when I was walking home along with my friends, we encounter two aged men talking about the upcoming fight between Pacman and Desert Storm. The other man said that “I bet Bradley has more chance of winning against Pacquiao than the other opponents Pacquiao has encountered”. But his companion argued with him and said “Yes you are right about Bradley but still Pacquiao wouldn’t be known as the number one pound for pound king if he is not worthy have that title. I believe that Pacman will definitely win this forthcoming boxing brawl as he is now sharper than ever before”.

Oh well, I guess you got tons of questions in your mind about their upcoming fight but the only way for you to answer it all is to watch the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight which will occur on June 9, 2012. Watching this forthcoming boxing event will definitely make you amused from the beginning till the end. So, don’t miss to watch it! I can assure that you will be electrified by their ground breaking exchange of blows.

I know that you were excited to watch this match right? Well, same as you fans, of both boxers Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Timothy "The Desert Storm" Bradley on June 9, 2012 MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The Pacquiao vs Bradley is one of the best upcoming event for this year. As you can see, this fight is one of the grates fight for the challenger Bradley. But of course, we all know that The Desert Storm is undiffited, that is why I can say that this sure is really great and big.

 Pacquiao vs BradleyFight Live Streaming will be available to watch soon at Pacquiao vs Bradley Blog. I know that this will be one of the best blog site that well provide a good with fast and easy way to watch the fight online, and the best for this is that, this is totally free.

I remember when I watch the fight of Mayweather vs Cotto. I look and search for some websites to watch the fight online, and my problem for that is, they don't have a good quality live streaming just gives a local live stream. For me, sometimes if I really love to watch the fight like this big or huge, I really go excited and get in roar for paying a small amount of dollars to watch it in high quaility.

At the early age of 14, he moved to Manila and lives an uneasy life in a boxing gym, sleeping in ring canvas at night. He started his boxing career as an amateur and scored 60-4 in 8his 64 bouts. When he was jus 16, he pursued his professional boxing career. Having 7 pounds under the minimum weight, he put forth his 98-pound weight to meet the weight-in requirements by putting extra loads in his pockets. His first professional bout was on January 22, 1995, a 4 round match against Edmund "Enting" Ignacio in a small local venues and were shown on Vintage Sports' “Blow by Blow”, and his victory against Ignacio made him an instant star of the program.

In the year 1998, he scored his first world title by defeating Thailand’s Chatchai Sasakul via knock-out and won his first major title, WBC flyweight. He defended his title successfully against the Mexican boxer, Gabriel Mira. However, Pacquiao lost the title in second defense against Medgoen Singsurat via third-round knockout.

Taking his first step on professional boxing on August 20, 2004, he made a defining glory when he put his opponent Francisco Martinez into his knees on the second round. Rising through ranks, he was crowned with WBC Youth World Welter Weight and Light Welterweight label. He also defeated the IBF Lightweight Champion Miguel Vazquez by a unanimous decision in a ten round bout. When Jose Luis Castillo fall short to weight in a title eliminator for the full WBC Light Welterweight belt, Bradley finally got his chance for the title. He then won the said title by defeating the British boxer Junior Witter.

On 4 April 2009, Bradley fought Kendall Holt to unify his WBC and Holt's WBO titles.

After few days of fighting Holt, he was stripped of his WBC Light Welterweight title, because he failed to fight his mandatory challenger Devon Alexander. As a result, the title became unoccupied; Alexander and Witter fought for the title but Alexander won the title in the end. The Alexander-Witter fight was on the undercard of Bradley's August 1 fight with the former lightweight champion Nate Campbell. Bradley’s bout against Campbell on lasted for 3 rounds when a cut formed over behind Campbell’s left fight, Campbell decided to discontinue the fight, and made Bradley won the match via TKO. But later the decision was changed; a replay showed that the cut was caused by an accidental clash of heads. As stated by the rule, that if a fight is stopped by a cut caused by an accidental headbutt before the end of round four, it should be called a no contest. The California State Athletic Commission thus changed the verdict.

The Pacquiao vs Bradley is one of the anticipated fight this 2012 where Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley will face off inside the ring in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9, 2012. The Filipino Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO’s) has chosen undefeated champ Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12 KO’) for the WBO welterweight Title this June. Manny Pacquiao who is the WBO welterweight champion will defend his title against Timothy Bradley when they clash inside the ring. Manny Pacquiao choose Timothy Bradley as his opponent on June 9 after a failed negotiation on the possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.

Watch the Pacquiao vs Bradley live when the two world class boxing warrior clash inside the ring. Feel the excitement and see the fight live in action at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas only on HBO Boxing Live on Pay per view, Nevada. There are still Pacquiao vs Bradley left and are available. The Pacquiao vs Bradley tickets are priced at $1,200, $900, $600, $400, and $200. Ticket sales at $1,200, $900, $600 and $400 are limited to 10 per person and ticket sales at $200 are limited to two (2) per person.

Pacquiao vs Bradley will be shown live at HBO pay-per-view. The Pacquiao vs Bradley pay-per-view will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View®.

Watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley Online – If you think that boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will retire in the boxing world after his upcoming fight against Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley then you are wrong about that.
Pacquiao said to ESPN “I’m glad to be back at Freddie’s gym [Wildcard gym in Los Angeles, California]. I have no plans to retire. I still love what I’m doing…We are ready to work very hard in preparation for Timothy Bradley. Bradley is strong, undefeated and young.”

Well, I guess Pacquiao still don’t want to retire in boxing because he really wants to exchange blows against his number one contender, the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather, do you agree with me? Millions of people are waiting for this match to occur but still this fight is undecided because of the disagreements of both parties in the percentage of shares in the paper views. Phew, is boxing a business right now? I hope not because Boxing is a sport which is to give honor to a country and give popularity to the person who gives it. This is what I believe in… what’s yours? Whatever it is, I still respect it.

Whatever the outcome of this forthcoming fight, I really am not interested because these two fighters are already giving honor to their country. But one thing is for sure that you will see in their fight – real entertainment. Who do you bet will win between Pacquiao and Bradley? If you really want to know the upshot of their boxing brawl, then don’t miss to watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight!

Watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley Online - On June 9, 2012, you can now gaze on the most anticipating boxing event that you shouldn't miss to watch. This main event of this upcoming boxing occasion is the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight. We all know that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is the number one pound for pound king. Because of that, a lot of people will surely watch him fight again. Even my friends are already keyed up of seeing him exchange blows with the challenger Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley. Anyways, there are those people who are saying that Pacquiao domination in the boxing world will end with Bradley and why is that?

According to some boxing analyst, Pacquiao is already getting old and we all have witnessed the changes of his style in boxing in his previous fight against Marquez last November 2011. I was expecting a lighting speed punches coming from him that time but I was disappointed. To tell you honestly, I guess the one who won that fight was Marquez.  Oh well, the decision has already made and we got nothing to do about it.

The only thing we need to do right now is to look forward on watching the upcoming fight of Pacquiao. He will be defending his WBO Welterweight Title against Bradley. Will he be able to successfully defend his title against the young and aggressive Bradley? There is a rumor that Bradley is a great threat to Pacquiao. Is this really true? Oh well, even it is true or not. The only way for us to know if he will see their exchange of blows this coming June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. By the way, don’t also forget to watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley 24/7 Episodes! These episodes will surely add more excitement of watching their big fight!
Watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley Online – Another big boxing event is fast approaching and exactly this coming June 9, 2012, you can now watch the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight. There are a lot of people who are so keyed up of getting a glimpse on this forthcoming boxing brawl as they already know it will make them entertained. Both of these fighters are awesome and they are really famous in this generation. Well, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is known to be the number one pound for pound king while Bradley is known for his aggressiveness in this field of sport which he has never tasted defeat in his boxing career. But I never thought that Bradley is hates being compared to others.

Bradley said to WLIE Radio in New York, “I hear Freddie Roach is comparing me to Ricky Hatton and I’m like ‘Dude, you guys are retarded if you think I fight like Ricky Hatton.’ Honestly, but no offense, what are you guys looking at? And then they bring in Russian guy [Provodnikov] who comes forward and is a banger and I’m like ‘Wow, these guys really don’t know what I can do.’ It’s funny, they think I’m just this face-first brawler and I’m like ‘You guys are going to be in for a rude awakening.”

Well, being compared to someone is kind of cool but in boxing, its different story. If I were Bradley, I will also argue about it because every person has their own specialties weaknesses. I guess it’s enough for the chit chat… Are you getting excited of seeing this two boxing professionals exchange blows in the boxing ring? If you are, then what are you waiting for? Don’t miss to watch it fellas!

Manny Pacquiao amidst Business Careers

 Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online this June 9, 2012 live from MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada. It will be aired in Pay-per-View condition, so better catch it and watch it online.

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“With this game platform, I will be able to convey my true message, which is to give back to the fans that are supportive of our many important causes, and to build an online community where anyone, regardless of personal background or choice, can come and have some fun. I am really looking forward to playing and interacting and hanging out with my fans from around the world, at one easy to find online destination,” said Manny who is currently Los Angeles for training hard for his upcoming fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online.

The new site, is targeted to launch globally on June 7th, just prior to Manny’s fight scheduled for June 9th. After initial launch, players and fans can look forward to regular addition of content, games, prizes, tournaments, videos with the goal of building an online, one stop, virtual Manny Pacquiao community.   

MatchMove Games is headquartered in Singapore and is Asia’s fastest growing Game and Social Media Platform provider to leading corporations, online brands and celebrities.  Livegambler Intertainment S.A. is headquartered in Costa Rica and is the exclusive online content provider for Manny Pacquiao.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why to Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Online?

"I rather go out flaming with dignity knowing I gave everything I could give versus going out like a coward," said Timothy Bradley.

Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley on June 9th is going to be a great fight. Neither boxer knows how to quit and they are going to go right at each other. Therefore, these are 4 reasons to Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley?

They are Good Guys

Boxing has gained a bad reputation. Casual sports fan like to talk about everything that is wrong with the sport. They will mention bad decisions, corruption and so-called less than entertaining fights. Likewise, boxers such as Dereck Chisora that engaged in a press conference brawl contributes to boxing's bad image.
It is good for boxing to have a prizefight between guys with good character such as Bradley and Pacquiao. They will bring attention to what is important the boxing match. Not pre-fight brawls and silly name calling. They are professionals that are not going to engage in any nonsense.